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Company FTSE Sector (& Subsector) More details
1pm plc Financial Services (Specialty Finance) 1pm plc's profile
Advanced Oncotherapy plc Health Care Equipment and Services (Medical Equipment) Advanced Oncotherapy plc's profile
Amphion Innovations plc Financial Services (Speciality Finance) Amphion Innovations plc's profile
Audioboom Group Plc Media/Broadcasting & Entertainment Audioboom Group Plc's profile
Bigblu Broadband plc Software & Computer Services/Internet Bigblu Broadband plc's profile
Byotrol plc Chemicals (Specialty Chemicals) Byotrol plc's profile
Collagen Solutions plc Health Care Equipment and Services (Medical Equipment) Collagen Solutions plc's profile
Creo Medical Group plc Healthcare Equipment and Services (Medical Equipment) Creo Medical Group plc's profile
Diaceutics PLC Health Care Equipment & Services (Health Care Providers) Diaceutics PLC's profile
Dillistone Group plc Software & Computer Services (Software) Dillistone Group plc's profile
EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc Health Care Equipment and Services (Medical Equipment) EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc's profile
Evgen Pharma plc Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology (Biotechnology) Evgen Pharma plc's profile
Filtronic plc Technology Hardware & Equipment (Telecommunications Equipment) Filtronic plc's profile
Fusion Antibodies plc Health Care Equipment & Services (Health Care Providers) Fusion Antibodies plc's profile
GAN plc Software & Computer Services (Software) GAN plc's profile
Genedrive plc Health Care Equipment & Services (Medical Equipment) Genedrive plc's profile
GetBusy Plc Software & Computer Services (Software) GetBusy's profile
Good Energy plc Electricity/Alternative Electricity Good Energy plc's profile
Great Western Mining Corporation Mining (General Mining) Great Western Mining Corporation's profile
Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc Pharmaceuticals & Biotech (Pharmaceuticals) Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc's profile
Honye Financial Services Ltd Nonequity Investment Instruments/ Nonequity Investment Instruments Honye Financial Services Ltd's profile
Ilika plc Alternative Energy (Alternative Fuels) Ilika plc's profile
Instem Plc Software & Computer Services (Computer Services) Instem Plc's profile
Intelligent Ultrasound Group PLC Health Care Equipment and Services (Medical Equipment) Intelligent Ultrasound Group PLC's profile
LiDCO Group plc Health Care Equipment and Services (Medical Equipment) LiDCO Group plc's profile
Malvern International Plc Support Services (Business Training & Employment Agencies) Malvern International Plc's profile
Milestone group plc Media (Broadcasting & Entertainment) Milestone group plc's profile
Mobile Tornado Group Plc Mobile Telecommunications (Mobile Telecommunications) Mobile Tornado Group Plc's profile
Motif Bio plc Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology (Biotechnology) Motif Bio plc's profile
Omega Diagnostics Group plc Health Care Equipment and Services (Medical Supplies) Omega Diagnostics Group plc's profile
Optibiotix Health Plc Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology (Biotechnology) Optibiotix Health Plc's profile
PCI-PAL PLC Support Services (Business Support Services) PCI-PAL PLC's profile
Pelatro plc Software & Computer Services (Software) Pelatro plc's profile
Pennant International Group plc Software & Computer Services (Software) Pennant International Group plc's profile
Polarean Imaging plc Health Care Equipment & Services (Medical Equipment) Polarean Imaging plc's profile
Renalytix AI plc Health Care Equipment & Services (Medical Equipment) Renalytix AI plc's profile
Renew Holdings plc Support Services (Business Support Services) Renew Holdings plc's profile
Sanderson Group plc Software & Computer Services (Computer Services) Sanderson Group plc's profile
SCISYS Group PLC Software & Computer Services (Computer Services) SCISYS Group PLC's profile
Shield Therapeutics plc Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology (Pharmaceuticals) Shield Therapeutics plc's profile
Solid State plc Electronic & Electrical Equipment (Electrical Components & Equipment) Solid State plc's profile
STM Group plc Financial Services (Asset Managers) STM Group plc's profile
Surgical Innovations Group plc Health Care Equipment and Services (Medical Equipment) Surgical Innovations Group plc's profile
Tricorn Group plc Industrial Engineering (Industrial Machinery) Tricorn Group plc's profile
Trinity Exploration & Production Plc Oil & Gas Producers/Exploration and Production Trinity Exploration & Production Plc's profile
Tristel plc Health Care Equipment and Services (Health Care Providers) Tristel plc's profile
ULS Technology Plc Media (Media Agencies) ULS Technology Plc's profile
Vertu Capital Limited Nonequity Investment Instruments (Nonequity Investment Instruments) Vertu Capital Limited's profile
Westminster Group plc Support Services (Business Support Services) Westminster Group plc's profile
YOLO Leisure & Technology plc Financial Services (Speciality Finance) YOLO Leisure & Technology plc's profile
Yourgene Health plc Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology (Biotechnology) Yourgene Health plc's profile